Our production staff are adviced and supervised by Westerly representatives in all aspects of design and construction, ensuring that every facet of each boat meets the Westerly’s own stringent standards, as well as the highest internationally recognized quality standards.

Company Profile

Westerly Marine is a custom builder of high performance, racing, cruising and commercial boats as well as advanced composite projects. We pay meticulous attention to each construction detail and endeavor to make every component strong, light and of the highest quality to assure integrity and reliability.

Westerly has the capability and experience to build complete, pre-preg, oven-cured boats as well as composite structures and components.  Each hull, deck and structural component is laminated by hand using either pre-preg or wet-preg epoxy resin, roller impregnators and employing vacuum bag techniques.  Reinforcements of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and E-glass are used with either structural foam or honeycomb core. Composite lamination, finish woodwork and onboard system installations are all executed to the highest quality standards.

As an industry leader, Westerly Marine is keeping abreast of developments and remains on the cutting edge of technology.  At any given time, we are involved with some of the world’s most prominent naval architects, designers and engineers building a variety of different and innovative custom projects.